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Are you a passionate collector of vintage fashion? You like pieces with a story behind? Well you are definitely in one of the capitals for exciting vintage fashion eras. Let's go together for a treasure hunt in Berlins magical vintage shops and find unique pieces you'll adore and value for ages! Dive with us into past times and create something new.



Are you a passionate lover of Planet EARTH? Just as we are. Come on tour with us and we'll take you to meet the movers & shakers of Berlin's sustainable fashion scene. No need to spend hours on planning and research. Let us take over and introduce you to the most forward-thinking shops and showrooms in the city. You'll hear amazing philosophy behind the concepts and you'll also see that green in Berlin means super fashion forward with cool designs and high quality fabrics.


Are you always on search for the most edgy designers all over the world? Well Berlin is deffinately a place where you'll find what you want! Pieces where you'll have the feeling:  I want NOW! Let us show you the designers I adore, getting know their works and phylosophie behind! No need to spend hours on planning and research just come and have a wooow experience!


Dear Fashion Traveler!

You are invited 

Let's take a walk with us on Berlins most unique Fashion Routs,

Check the city's most up and coming designer showrooms, enter passionate green fashion pioniers universes or do a time travel into Berlins most exciting vintage fashion temples . 

And even more: have a professional shopping guide on your side, a real insider of the Berlin fashion Scene.