Berlin Kreuzberg/Neukölln - Walking Tour

Every Thursday from 12:00PM

Womenswear - Menswear

Are you in search of the most edgy designers and concepts all over the world? You are in the right city for that 'wow' experience! Let us show you the designers we adore, getting know their works and their philosophy! See pieces made locally from unique fabrics and get to know the most unusual concepts. Explore edgy hidden vintage shops and find unique pieces you'll adore and value for ages! Berlin's fashion is known for their out of the box way of thinking. Come with us we'll show you the best spots!


Berlin Kreuzberg/Neukölln - Bike Tour

Every Friday at 12:00PM

Womenswear - Menswear

Berlin makes it possible to have a cool urban lifestyle without buying from mainstream commercial fashion brands.

Meet the movers & shakers of Berlin's sustainable fashion scene and let them introduce you to their forward-thinking concepts. You'll experience Berlin's coolest green-upcycle fashion concept stores, local designer studios, vintage shops and much more. Come with us we'll show you the best spots!